Corn Sky's Poptropica character. Note: This is not his current outfit.


Do not tell your password, Or this is what you will look like.

Section Heading

Welcome! This page will tell you all about me from other websites, as you can friend Corn Sky on the listed sites.


These are the list of usernames from other sites. Note: he will NOT tell you his password, obviously, never reveal your passwords.

  • Club Penguin username: Corn Sky.
  • Poptropica username: Josegarcia110. (will display as Cool Leaf).
  • Twitter username: Cvilleme. (will display as Cvilleme).
  • Facebook username: Jose Garcia.

Note: There are a lot of people named Jose Garcia on Facebook. Try to find Corn Sky with things related to air fresheners, TV shows, and etc.

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