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The Show is a TV series that revolves around the everyday adventures of Corn Sky and many characters he has made friends with from other TV universes such as, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Smurfs, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Tom and Jerry, Full House, The Loud House, and The Casagrandes. Some of Corn Sky's best friends include Leni Loud, Ronnie Anne Santiago, Sid Chang, Stephanie Tanner, Michelle Tanner, D.J. Tanner, and many more. These characters in the show unite together and make friends with one another and also with Corn Sky and go on everyday adventures together. The Show will mostly be taking place in a real life setting, like Chicago or San Francisco, while all cartoon characters in this show will still appear animated in a live-action setting. A list of episodes can be found here.


(38 main characters grand total, with a few supporting and minor characters as well).



  • Corn Sky's mother.
  • Corn Sky's father.
  • Corn Sky's older brother.
  • Corn Sky's 6 year old niece.
  • Rachel. (One of Corn Sky's close friends from middle and high school).


  • Other characters from SpongeBob. Such as Squidward and Mr. Krabs.
  • Other characters from The Loud House. Such as Lucy Loud and Lisa Loud.
  • Other characters from Full House. Such as Danny Tanner and Joey Gladstone.
  • Other characters from Alvin & The Chipmunks. Such as Dave Seville and Ms. Miller.
  • Other characters from The Smurfs. Such as Papa Smurf and Clumsy Smurf.
  • Other characters from Tom and Jerry. Such as Spike Bulldog and Nibbles (Tuffy) Mouse.
  • Other characters from The Casagrandes. Such as Rosa Casagrande and Hector Casagrande.
  • Other characters from Despicable Me. Such as Gru and Minions.
  • Other characters from different universes. Such as Spider-Man and Barbie. Mascots from cereal boxes. Characters from preschool shows, such as Dora The Explorer and Paw Patrol. Virtual World characters, such as Club Penguin and Minecraft. Other sitcom characters, such as Family Matters and Friends. And many more characters known to mankind that are out there, sitcom or cartoon characters, even other characters from a certain universe that are fictional in their worlds, such as Talking Teddy in Alvin & The Chipmunks and Ace Savvy in The Loud House.
  • Real World famous people, such as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.
  • Corn Sky's other relatives. Such as his other brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and grandparents.
  • Corn Sky's other real life friends he made from school.
  • Corn Sky's acquaintances. Such as his teachers.

Each episode of The Show will have an extremely large amount of cast members.



  • This made-up TV show was inspired by Corn Sky in reality thinking ALL fictional characters can exist, so this TV show was made to preserve that idea. In fact, in real life, Corn Sky believes the main characters of this show do exist, simply by him copying, printing, and pasting pictures of their heads and bodies on a big poster and exposing them into real life settings. He has also created his very own customized life-size cutouts of each person for more life-like qualities in these people. See List of Buddies for more info.
  • In The Show, magic is considered real by performing summoning rituals in a live-action setting, inventing a machine creating anything, or even visiting the worlds of the fictitious, but in reality, this unfortunately cannot happen. In the real world, anything fictional is works of real people's imaginations. However, if one person, like Corn Sky, believes hard enough, then in some way, they could be real people.