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Puffles can also have food on Club Penguin just like penguins, humans, etc.


This is a list of puffle food. Puffle food is highlighted in italics, different color puffles are highlighted in bold, and my puffles are in bold and italics and has a link to the page.

Stinky Cheese = Red Puffle, Kipper, Redding, Buttercup.

Pretzel = Blue Puffle, Corny, Double Oreo, Harlem.

Tacos = Green Puffle, Greenflake, Archer.

Watermelon = Pink Puffle, Pinkie, Winchell, Bailee.

Socks = Orange Puffle, Jose, One, Hall Monitor.

Popcorn = Yellow Puffle, Funnyface, Streamwood, Randall, Mellow.

Fish Burger = Black Puffle, Grumpypuffle, Dubstep, Recycle Plz, Aorr, Cinnamon.

Yogurt Profait = White Puffle, Angelina.

Ice cream sandwich = Brown Puffle, Tartans, Legend.

Hummus and Pita = Purple Puffle, Favorite, Lolz, Lols, North Aurora, Glade.

Rainbow swirled lollipop = Rainbow Puffle, Puffleman, Blossom, Romantic.

Chocolate Coin = Gold Puffle, Froot Loops, Friend, Aurora, Original.

If you feed a puffle's favorite food to the correct puffle, your puffle's status bars will go all the way up to 100% and do a special action.



  • This feature is part of Puffle Digging.
  • Puffles can also have normal food like: Apples, Carrots, etc. You can buy this kind of food from the Puffle Catalog in your igloo or the Pet Shop.