2 Penguins.

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Penguins in Club Penguin are the main species of the game. There are 2 different types of penguins: Members and Non-Members. Unlike real life, they can have clothes, a different variety of skin colors, and the ability to talk. They can also have a pet puffle, which is a pet for Penguins to own. Penguins love Puffles. Penguins can also have an igloo, which is the home for all Penguins and their pets.

History of Penguins

Penguins began settling on the island in October 2005 after Beta Testing. 1 month later, Penguins discovered Puffles, little furry creatures that Penguins can have as pets. Penguins always have parties once or twice a month. In 2013, Penguins got a modern new look.


Penguins have parties to entertain themselves and to get free items. Main parties they host are Puffle Parties, Medieval Parties, Music Jam parties, Halloween parties, The Fair parties, and the Holiday parties. Club Penguin's very first party was the Beta Test Party, which was held in September 2005 for finding lots of bugs in the game. Penguins could also throw parties in their igloos. Penguins mostly advertise their igloo parties at the Town. Sometimes they advertise at the Plaza, Stadium, Pet Shop, etc. Sometimes mascots visit during certain parties.