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Did you know that Corn Sky has more than just one penguin account? The list below will tell you the names of them and about them in ( ). Corn Sky have other accounts but Corn Sky is his main Club Penguin account. Here are the list of my other accounts below. So if you meet some of these penguins, make sure you stop by to say hi.

Penguin Accounts

  • Corn Sky: (Boy)
  • Pit61756: (Boy)
  • Cjearth: (Boy)
  • Fruitables: (Girl) (Pookie)
  • Term56781: (Boy)
  • Sister Ray: (Boy)
  • Bambadee8381: (Girl)
  • Bammbadeee: (Boy)
  • 4th Sensei: (Boy)
  • Antthecity: (Boy)
  • Bailewinchel: (Girl)
  • Billynoodles: (Boy)
  • Corn Miaz: (Boy)
  • Corn Pop5: (Boy)
  • Corn Sky21: (Boy)
  • Corn Skya: (Boy)
  • Algonquin Rd: (Boy)
  • Grr Person 7: (Boy)
  • Hatlem: (Boy)
  • Kim332: (Boy)
  • Kedzie36: (Girl)
  • Mikayla95784: (Girl)
  • Msburgess2: (Girl) (Also controlled by another real person)
  • Mudbot: (Boy)
  • Randall Road: (Boy) (P196660111 temporary name)
  • Klutzyy: (Boy)
  • Star Show105: (Boy)
  • Star105point: (Girl)
  • Roookieee: (Boy)
  • Rocsie No X: (Boy)
  • P89014epz: (Boy)
  • Uno111: (Boy)
  • Truboisfast: (Boy)
  • Pets Toy: (Boy)
  • Prettydame: (Boy)
  • Daffodaiily5: (Girl)
  • Kimjonglllah: (Boy)
  • Keeper of Br: (Boy)
  • Bosko1: (Boy)
  • Arooo1: (Boy)
  • Rece11: (Boy)
  • Skilodgebell: (Girl) (Pookie)
  • Avacalanche: (Boy)
  • Sourpatching: (Boy)
  • Senseandspry: (Boy)
  • Gant11: (Boy)
  • Corn Pops: (Boy).

I think that should be it, so that is 48 Club Penguin accounts!


  • I Created more boys than girls.
  • Fruitables is the main account I have that is a pookie (See Above).
  • Another pookie I created was a penguin named "Skilodgebell", who is a non-member.
  • Corn Sky is my first and main Club Penguin account.
  • I created a penguin named "Randall Road" but Club Penguin never approved the name so for now it is "P196660111".
  • Corn Sky has noticed recently that some of his backup accounts are getting removed, he thinks it's because of inactivity.
  • Msburgess2 is one of my penguin accounts but a person I know also plays on that account but that is OK with me.
  • Some of my penguins had free trial memberships.
  • Corn Sky was my only member penguin.
  • The 6 original accounts are Corn Sky, Pit61756, Term56781, Star105point, Star Show105, and Fruitables.
  • A penguin named "Klutzyy" was created because he wasn't a mascot, he bought a Crab Costume to imitate the real Klutzy and pretend to be a Club Penguin mascot.
  • The penguin "Corn Pops" is the most recent Club Penguin account made.