Max and Ruby.

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Max and Ruby is another one of Corn Sky's favorite shows. Each episode consists of three self-contained vignettes which are 8 minutes long. Within each, Ruby is typically engaged in some sort of project or activity (which usually involves Max whether he's willing to participate or not), while Max has a particular interest of his own which either runs counter to his sister's or distracts her. Generally, Max's dialog within each story is usually limited to just one word or a two-word phrase, which he repeats periodically for the rest of the episode until the end, sometimes saying a different word (or on rare occasions a full sentence). Since he only uses the same word when communicating, what he is trying to say is often misinterpreted. By the end of the story, Max usually ends up helping Ruby in some way, to her benefit and delight, or outsmarts her when she is trying to restrict him. Their parents are never seen or mentioned although there is a family photo hanging in the entry room. However, their grandmother makes regular appearances.