Gary 38

Gary The Gadget Guy, A Club Penguin Mascot.

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Welcome. This article is about the list of Mascots from Club Penguin.


List of Club Penguin Mascots:

  • Aunt Arctic
  • Rockhopper
  • Cadence
  • Gary
  • Penguin Band
  • Sensei
  • Puffle Handler
  • Rookie
  • Herbert
  • Rocky (Temporary)
  • CeCe (Temporary)
  • McKenzie (Temporary)
  • Brady (Temporary)
  • Merry Walrus (Temporary)


  • Rockhopper: He has a pirate ship he calls "The Migrator".
  • Aunt Arctic: Writes for the daily newspaper called "The Club Penguin Times".
  • Cadence: Loves to dance and boogie, especially with other penguins.
  • Herbert P. Bear: Wants to stop many parties and warm up the island into a relaxing paradise.
  • Rookie: An EPF Agent but sometimes makes mistakes.
  • Gary The Gadget Guy: An EPF Agent and helps out with new inventions.
  • Penguin Band: Likes to rock out with loud music.
  • Sensei: Teaches "grasshoppers" on how to become ninjas in Card-Jitsu.
  • PH: Discovers new puffles and takes VERY good care of puffles.
  • Rocky and CeCe: Likes to rock out at music parties. (Note: These 2 characters are penguins that make only one appearance).
  • Brady and McKenzie: They also like to rock out at music parties. (Note: These 2 characters are penguins that make only one appearance).
  • Merry Walrus: A walrus who likes Christmas just like Santa. He only made an appearance at the Holiday Party in 2014.


  • Somehow on My Penguin, you could delete the mascots you added from your friends list but you cannot throw snowballs at them.
  • Mascots can have special items and backgrounds normal players can't receive.
  • All mascots are full members.
  • You can get free backgrounds when you first meet them and add them to your buddy list.
  • Brady, McKenzie, Rocky, and CeCe are one time mascots which means they will only make one appearance throughout Club Penguin's history and will never return.